Temporary Security

Protector Group’s Temporary Security service is ideal for sites and areas that need protecting for a shorter period of time – during specific processes and stages of a site’s development, or until it is ready for more permanent security systems. In particular, this is a highly effective way to protect areas such as construction sites, where the different stages demand a flexible security strategy.

We combine mobile CCTV vehicles, onsite command centres, drone surveillance, Lewis Trailers, High-Speed Infra-Red cameras, and other innovative technologies, with our fully trained and licensed operators, all backed up by our own dedicated control centre.

We are committed to providing state-of-the-art rapid deployment security solutions for perimeter security. Our Wireless Alarm Site Protection (WASP) system includes wireless tag readers, external sounders, magnet seismic detectors, camera modules, blue LED strobes, pre-recorded audio, and LED floodlights that work seamlessly together to deliver comprehensive and reliable security.

  • CPNI Approved Towers
  • Bastion Tower CCTV
  • Drone Surveillance
  • Pro-Ceptor Towers
  • RapidCams
  • Solar-powered CCTV
  • Geofencing & asset tracking
  • CCTV Mobile Response
  • Lewis Trailers
  • Temporary CCTV Monitoring
  • Timelapse video
  • Temporary Turnstiles
  • Temporary Fire Alarms
  • Temporary Intruder Alarms
  • Wireless Alarm Site Protection (WASP)