Evercam Time Lapse Video

Protector Group works with industry leading time-lapse production specialists Evercam to provide bespoke high-resolution and time lapse surveillance video for your site.

The Evercam system positions 12mpx IP cameras at vantage points around your project site. The cameras run 24/7, collecting 4k video that can be used for a range of purposes including project progress, health and safety and site audits.

Evercam records high-resolution images for every second of the construction site progress and feature powerful optical and digital zoom to focus in on important details. Importantly, these images can be used as evidence of crime or insurance claims.

It is simple to build brand exposure to a wider audience by enhancing your marketing and sales communication with this kind of exciting, engaging video content.

Share your project’s progress

The Evercam system allows you to share the progress of your project through a live link that can be accessed from anywhere – on mobile, laptop or tablet.

Key events, as well as before and after images, can be shared as clips or jpegs to your social media channels, FB, Twitter, Linkedin etc. You can easily embed these engaging visual aids on your website or promotional material too.


Recorded content can be shared directly with anyone by simply entering an email address via the 100% secure system. Evercam integrates with your BIM model, giving you a complete picture of the status of your project.


Create a time-lapse video

Evercam make visually exciting time-lapse videos of your project, showing the progress of your project from start to finish in just a couple of minutes.  You can create a time-lapse video of any stage of the project or use a full recording of the entire duration from green field to handover.

Avoid disputes and accident claims

Evercam has developed all of their features by working with health & safety managers to ensure that this tool can support you in ensuring your site is a safe place to work. And if something does go wrong, you can rest easy knowing that the entire project has been recorded in 4K and the Evercam team will supply you with any footage you need.

Win disputes by owning the evidence. Use live view & recordings features to check if procedures are being followed anywhere, anytime.