Our Approach

Providing comprehensive and effective security for complex projects demands a new approach. We can offer coordinated security provision across multiple sites that responds to your changing needs as the project progresses.

Stage One

Comprehensive assessment

In close consultation with you, our highly experienced security experts assess your precise requirements. This includes meeting with you and your team, visiting sites and using innovative digital technologies to build a precise picture of your security needs at every stage of your project.

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Step Two

Your strategic security plan

Once we have identified your security requirements, we create a tailor-made, strategic security plan. This will include details of every element of our service provision, as well as roll-out and facilitation.

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Step Three

Implementation and management

Once assigned, we work with your people to install and staff every element of your Strategic Security Plan. As your project progresses, we measure and refine our service, adjusting staffing, technology, approach and intensity to ensure you get the optimum security at every stage of your project.

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