Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Fully Nationwide Operations

Providing comprehensive mission critical security demands a fully national approach. Protector Group consults on projects right across the UK and we have nationwide resources. This means we can deploy and manage our full range of security wherever you need it.

This national profile helps us deliver consistently effective security protection and the same high level of detailed management at any number of your sites, regardless of location. We offer fast, dynamic national response too, so should a critical event occur we have the resources to provide immediate expert backup.

Our managers combine insightful local expertise with first-hand experience serving every corner of the UK. Our use of the latest state-of-the-art technology ensures management, reporting and communication is seamless and highly effective.


Our Advantage

Consultancy, Strategy & Design

Delivering proven, cost-effective security solutions demands a combination of exceptional expertise, experience and management. Every Protector Group security strategy is designed to meet your needs precisely and respond immediately to situations as they arise.

We work closely with your team right from the start. We bring together experience in physical security and digital surveillance.

We use innovative techniques such as solar powered solutions, and drones to map and model your site and complete patrols.

We understand that every site has a life cycle. As your project develops, our security strategy is designed to evolve with it, making sure you always have the optimum security provision.


Our Advantage

Exclusive Control Room and NSI GOLD Monitoring Station

In today’s digital environment, there is a fundamental requirement for highly secure data and communications management. Uniquely, the Protector Group Head Office incorporates an NSI Gold BS5979 Category 2 Remote Monitoring Station, Command and Control Centre.

This national hub allows us to manage and store all the data inputs from our CCTV and digital communications. It gives us complete control. This is also where your security provision can be managed and coordinated.

Other security firms share third-party control centre providers. Our approach makes sure your data is only ever seen and managed by our own people within our own dedicated control centre.

You can rely on a single point of contact for queries and requests, and we can access all the data pertinent to your project quickly, whenever it is needed. A swift response is always assured.

With an air-lock verified entry system, full contingency communication paths, and independent air and power supplies, we are operational in all eventualities.

Our Advantage

In-House Engineering Team

Our dedicated nationwide engineering team provide complete technical support 24/7. They are also involved in the design and build of many of the systems and infrastructure we deploy.

We have unrivalled experience in the security technology industry. Our expert engineering team can help with every aspect of security systems and infrastructure – from servicing and maintenance to the installation of the latest, most innovative technologies.

We currently have over 40 directly employed personnel operational right across the UK, with contingency recruitment standing by for unforeseen circumstances. All our engineers are experienced, with the qualifications (BESC, CSCS, etc.) to attend a wide range of sites including CNI critical sites.

Our dedicated engineering base includes manufacturing bays, research and development testing areas, well-stocked stores and training rooms.


Our Advantage

Innovative Technology

Modern security is powered by digital technology. Protector Group use smart, sustainable systems and infrastructure, taking full advantage of emerging technologies and techniques.

Using the very latest digital equipment ensures cost-effectiveness, fast, reliable communications and highly responsive security solutions.

We have pioneered new approaches using drones, 3D modelling and design. We go even further by designing and building our own equipment such as solar towers and CCTV structures.


Our Advantage

The power of the drone

Drones are revolutionising security and Protector Group is at the forefront of this powerful new technology.

Drones provide aerial access where before only prohibitively expensive helicopters could be deployed. Our drones offer affordable videography, 3D surveys and thermal imaging.

Drones can also operate close to the ground, move through trees and close to buildings. They give us the ability to access and survey large areas, map perimeters and even carry out routine patrols. They are quick to deploy and highly responsive.

The Protector Group drone team is made up of pilots and analysts with extensive security experience. They have developed a unique approach that delivers the advantage of drones to any security project.

Our Advantage

Solar Towers development & deployment

The engineering team at Protector Group have recently developed and refined a new range of solar powered CCTV towers. Designed to help save energy and protect the environment, they also speed up installation and increase flexibility.

Because these innovative Solar Towers are designed and manufactured by Protector Group engineers, they can monitor the quality and efficiency as well as ensure on-site performance.

Our Solar Towers have already proved effective on sites all over the UK, reducing carbon footprint, allowing faster and more flexible deployment.