Why you should use Protector Group Security, an SIA ACS Pacesetter

Why you should use Protector Group Security, an SIA ACS Pacesetter

The security of your staff, premises, equipment, and other assets is a serious commitment. Investing time in the procurement process by undertaking some basic checks can reap rewards when it comes to buying security.

The SIA provides a recognised hallmark of quality within the private security industry. Approved contractors are rigorously assessed against 78 performance indicators across seven essential criteria; helping you to make decisions that are based on quality and value.

When you choose a security supplier who is an approved contractor, you can be sure that the business you are working with has been independently checked and approved by the SIA.

What does this mean for your security provider?
To maintain ACS approval your security provider must undergo an independent assessment each year which will focus on service delivery. The SIA places a great emphasis on assessing customer site-based activities.  As a customer you may see an increase in the time the SIA assessors spend on customer-site based premises. SIA independent assessing bodies are working in accordance with government advice and have detailed risk management tools to keep you and your premises safe while carrying out assessment activity.

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