SIA – Violence against women and girls campaign

SIA – Violence against women and girls campaign

Home Secretary says ‘Enough’
to violence against women and girls

We all have the power to stop violence against women and girls.

The Home Secretary has launched ‘Enough’, a campaign that highlights what we can do to safely challenge the abuse of women and girls.


Created in collaboration with victims, academics and organisations working on this issue, the campaign aims to challenge perpetrators and the harmful attitudes that exist in wider society. A campaign website has been developed to give guidance and support on:

what the different forms of abuse are and how they can be harmful
how to safely intervene when you see or hear abuse
how to receive support if you have been a victim
how to get support if you are worried about your own behaviour 


As part of our work on this issue we will be promoting this campaign and the accompanying materials through our channels.

We encourage you to share the materials available from campaign website:

Enough. Campaign to Tackle Violence Against Women & Girls Launches – Video (Click Here)

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