iWitness one year on

iWitness one year on

iWitness was launched by Isos Safer Neighbourhoods Team in Morpeth, working closely in partnership with the Protector Group.

The team is proud to report it has helped a total of 200 Isos households since starting work last April, with two thirds of these cases being new reports, which might otherwise not have been reported.

iWitness works by providing professional witnesses to incidents of anti-social behaviour, no matter what time of day or night an incident takes place.

Any Isos resident can ring the Isos customer service number, and request for a witness to attend an ongoing incident, to gather evidence.

The iWitness team wear bodycams to record CCTV footage and noise, they observe what is happening and ensure Isos officers have a written report by the start of the next working day.

iWitness started operations at 5pm on Monday, April 13th 2014 and by 5.10pm the first call out had been received.

The performance statistics now show that over 60% of ASB out of hour calls use the iWitness service, and it’s enabling callers to report ongoing incidents of ASB which need to be witnessed promptly.

Our team leader for Safer Neighbourhoods, Laurie Edmundson, says that iWitness has led to both legal and non-legal action being taken at a far faster speed than Isos has ever been able to achieve in the past.

The service and reports received have allowed immediate challenging of perpetrators, thanks to the quality of third party evidence gathered in cases.

The year has seen iWitness being nominated for two awards and being commended by the judges in the nationally recognised SLCNG (Social Landlords Crime & Nuisance Group) Awards, where iWitness was competing in the Best Project category.

Laurie said: “As with all new initiatives we worked hard to make the service accessible for victims of antisocial behaviour, we embraced the challenges we were faced with in the early days, and we have promoted the service relentlessly from day one.

“I would encourage anyone being affected by anti-social behaviour within our neighbourhoods, to report it to Isos and use the iWitness service.”

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