Argenbright Security Europe Limited’s Success At The Fraud Awards

Argenbright Security Europe Limited's Fraud Awards Succcess

Argenbright Security Europe Limited saw huge success at the 2023 Retail Risk Fraud Awards, with wins in two categories and commendations in a further two.

The company were named as winners of the Innovation In Physical Risk Management Award, and the Innovative In-Store Surveillance Award, and were highly commended in the Best Newcomer Award and Best Collaboration Award categories.

Following the acquisitions of Amberstone Security and The Protector Group, Argenbright Security Europe Limited have continued to expand their service offerings, with a significant focus on innovation and transformative solutions.

One of the innovative solutions which helped ASEL secure their award wins is their A.I Robot, which is designed to improve security and enhance the retail experience by seamlessly integrating multiple functions including customer service, product monitoring, security activations, and spillage detection.

The recent triumphs of ASEL and their innovative solutions highlight the increasing demand for innovative, integrated solutions within the security and loss prevention industries, and set ASEL on a trajectory for further success as the business continues to grow and increase its portfolio of solutions.

Read more about ASEL’s offerings and dedication to innovation on their website.

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