Lord John Stevens of Kirkwhelpington

January 01 2014

The Protector Group is chaired by Lord John Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, who is widely acknowledged as the most respected Metropolitan Police Commissioner in modern times.

In 2007, having become one of the UK’s leading security experts, in-coming Prime Minister Gordon Brown appointed Lord Stevens as his Senior Advisor on International Security Issues. David Cameron then appointed Lord John Stevens as Chair of the Borders Policing Committee, a position focusing on the reorganization and policing of the UK’s borders

In 2011, he was appointed by Yvette Cooper MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Home Affairs to Chair an Independent Commission Policing Commission in to the Future of Policing in England and Wales. The Commission, which reported its findings in November 2013, was set up in place of a Royal Commission and is made up of nearly 40 members all of whom are experts in the fields of academia, politics, national and international policing/security as well as key figures from community initiatives and business. In addition the Commission secured contributions from 35 academics from 25 Universities from around the world including, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Northumbria University and Harvard University, the subsequent report received unanimous approval.

In 2008 Lord Stevens joined The Protector Group as Chairman of the Board. With the direction of Lord Stevens; professionalism, technical expertise and customer commitment is now found at all levels of the business.

Lord Stevens continues to be a leading consulting figure, at the highest level, for UK policing and is also the Executive Chairman of Quest, a global Corporate Intelligence, Investigations and Risk Mitigation Company.