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Temporary Security is ideal for areas that need protecting for a set amount of time until they are ready for permanent security systems. Areas such as construction sites, whether on an industrial scale or a small build may require protection so that equipment and materials are not stolen or tampered with. Early detection is critical and can greatly reduce the posibility of costly project delay costs caused by criminal damage.

Here at The Protector Group we offer a wide range of temporary security services such as;

  • Bastion Tower CCTV
  • Pro-Ceptor Towers
  • RapidCams
  • Lewis Trailers
  • Temporary CCTV Monitoring
  • Temporary Turnstiles
  • Temporary Fire Alarms
  • Temporary Intruder Alarms


The Protector Group has been offering professional security services for over 20 years now a


Mobile CCTV

Mobile CCTV provides a high-tech and reliable solution to policing and securing events of all sizes. The Protector Group specialise in implementation and rapid deployment at events throughout the UK.

Our mobile CCTV vehicles comprise of an onsite command centre with 4 screen monitor wall, high quality static cameras and a fully functional PTZ camera which extends from the roof of the vehicle. Images are recorded onto 2 high quality digital hard drives and can be instantly backed up remotely at our main BS5979 Category 2 monitoring station.

In addition to the mobile CCTV vehicles we are also able to rapidly deploy our Lewis Trailers connecting them directly into our command centre giving you up to 17 High Speed IR (Infra Red) cameras on columns , all installed within 16 hours.

These units are ideal as a supplement to event staff at large or small events and coupled with our fully trained and licensed operators are ideal for spotting potential health and safety issues before they occur.

When you need an experienced security team to manage any event – large or small – The Protector Group’s skill, technology and experience is there for you.

Bastion Tower CCTV Security System

The Bastion Tower CCTV Security System is BS8418 compliant and is one of our main products in our specialist division providing Temporary Security Solutions (TSS) for commercial clients across the U.K.  TSS provides clients with tailored designed systems of protection suitable for each stage of a project from inception to completion. Clients benefit from our ability to install, maintain and monitor sites using proven, leading edge technical solutions for asset protection and ingress control.

The Bastion Tower CCTV Security System consists of rapid deployment of a number of mounted towers, on which high-quality Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) and or static, mono or true day/night cameras are fitted enabling full coverage of all integral areas. The perimeter and integral secure areas are covered using external movement detectors and twin ended beams. Full infrared or soft lighting depending on what is required and legally viable is provided to cover each camera range, as in the dark cameras can only view what they can see. Intruders activate these beams causing the system to generate an alarm condition which is fed back to our own Central Monitoring Station.  Systems can have audio announcements informing intruders that they are being recorded on CCTV and police will be called if they do not leave immediately.

The key area of Temporary Security Systems, and our main asset, is the detail of the site survey, which determines the numbers, and locations of the Bastion CCTV Towers required to enable the site to be fully secured.  Too few cameras could result in a security blind area not fully under detection and result in a costly break-in on site.

Our TSS systems are designed to offer the “Best Value” for money in the marketplace but will rarely be the cheapest, mainly because we offer a fully comprehensive system price which includes the following:

(a) No delivery charges for the equipment.

(b) No removal charges for the equipment.

(c) No charge for re-siting of equipment as site develops.

(e) Comprehensive insurance of goods and services contained within detailed site surveyed

The Pro-Ceptor Tower System

The PRO-CEPTOR TOWER SYSTEM is a heavy base unit with four jacking legs to offer exceptional stability and is extremely secure. The 6.2 metre galvanised mast is fully telescopic and can be deployed at variable heights, and is fitted with two sets of anti-climb brackets and high gain Omni-directional 4G/3G tri-band antenna. The mast unit is IR only or Dual IR and offers white light green technology PTZ capable of offering true colour images at night, in zero light conditions. The four Optex mast mounted movement sensors offering front and rear ‘creep zone’ protection. This tower can be installed by one engineer in 90 minutes.

temp securityThe fully protected 30 watt audio horn, contained within its cage, enables a ‘live audio warning’ to be given to any potential intruder.

Unit comes complete with twin 12v DC UPD battery backup system with primary power fail notification. No Power? No problem as optionally a fuel cell systems with up to 28 days run time from twin LPG/Hydrogen gas bottles within secure lockable housing, is also available. This is in addition to our battery powered solution.

Temporary Fire Alarms

In the instance where a buildings fire alarm system has not been completely installed and commissioned. The Protector Group Limited can install and hire you a temporary fully compliant system which will fully meet the requirements of your insurance company. This could include but is not limited to new builds, refurbishments and projects where systems have been damaged by intruders.

The Protector Group utilise a combination of smoke detection, heat-detection as well as manual-operated call points. All of which are fully-automated and can be connected to a remote monitoring station via such signalling forms as RedCARE GSM or Dual Com allowing the emergency services to be advised in the event of an activation.

Our solutions include;

  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Integrated Fire systems installation
  • Service and maintenance
  • Upgrade of existing systems
  • Redcare GSM
  • 24 hour Monitoring services
  • 24 hour emergency call out facility


With existing fire detection systems, The Protector Group are also able to arrange corrective and preventative service agreements to ensure that the operation of your existing system is not compromised due to neglect or misuse. Our dedicated service team is able to offer professional sound advice on older systems specifically their compliance to the current regulations.

Temporary Monitored CCTV

Remotely Monitored CCTV is one of the fastest-growing sectors within the security industry and here at The Protector Group, we are glad to be leading the way. Whatever application the client requires, we can provide a tailor-made system to protect your premises, without the costs of static site security.

Click here to download our temporary site security PDF.

Our monitored CCTV solutions – such as the Bastion Tower  system, for long-term projects or the Lewis Trailer for rapid deployment offer complete flexibility. All systems benefit from 24 hour monitoring by our control system, which operates and is accredited to BS 5979:2010 Category 2.

The control room contains a 36-screen monitor wall, manned by trained controllers in four individual operator booths equipped to receive signals from all leading edge transmission equipment on the market today, including Adpro, Intellex, Teleprecision, Dedicated Micros, Videcon to name but a few. This equips us with a matchless volume of monitoring, providing our customers with the best possible service and response times, enabling us to accommodate any security application – which can be used for anything from Black Screen Monitoring to Real Time Live Imaging, a wide enough range to suit all customer requirements and budgets.

The control room is also fitted with the latest CCTV monitoring software, including Adpro Fastscan, Vista Smart-Tel and Computar CM Control, enabling us to accommodate any security application – which can be used for anything from Black Screen Monitoring to Real Time Live Imaging, a wide enough range to suit all customer requirements and budgets.

Many installers use third-party monitoring stations, but we are pleased to be able to offer this service first hand to our customers. Having our own dedicated monitoring station means that in the event of your premises being compromised, our cameras with the assistance of strategically installed detection spot the intruder and notify one of our trained operatives in seconds. Depending upon your requirements our control room operates can deal with this intrusion in a number of ways from audio announcements, dispatching one of our own mobile response drivers or calling the police.

In tandem with our mobile response units, monitored CCTV systems offer a cost-effective alternative to static security. Our CCTV systems can improve the overall security of your premises whilst dramatically reducing your annual security budget.

Many of our major clients have already adopted this approach with very effective results – in various business sectors including – warehousing, commercial, construction and demolition.

Lewis Trailer

Originally conceived with civil engineering companies in mind, the Lewis Trailer’s uses have since multiplied tenfold; it is now used on construction and demolition sites, empty warehouses, factories and builder’s yards.

A four-columned CCTV unit, the Lewis Trailer was designed in house and is fully compliant to BS8418. One of the few solutions on the market at present which allow for a URN to be issued to short term or temporary installations. It can also carry an additional four cameras if required and in the event power is not available can be self-powered for a period of 168 hours before it needs to recharge.

Covering sites of up to 120 square metres and offering 360 degree vantage from all four PTZ infra-red cameras in complete darkness, the Lewis Trailer can be installed by two people and transmitting to our control room within eight hours. One column can be operational inside an hour.

It has full audio detection and recording, while its integrated infra-red is sufficient to provide images capable of person identification.

Watch our video on how to set up the Lewis Trailer.

Temporary Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are the most common method of electronic security. Many insurance companies require an alarm to be fitted before they will insure a property. Most also stipulate that the systems must be installed by a certified company. As with CCTV, The Protector Group are accredited by both NSI (National Security Inspectorate) & SSAIB (Security Systems Alarms Inspection Board),both of which are UKAS approved certification boards. You may also find that if the right criteria are met then some insurance companies may offer a discount on premiums.

There are many types of intruder alarm system available and each installer will have their own favourite. We have chosen our range of panels and detectors based on quality, reliability and user friendliness.

Unlike some national companies we are not tied to one particular manufacturer so we can offer a wider range of products based on specific requirements. This also allows us to be more competitive on price and helps us to design systems based upon the customer’s budget.

Remote monitoring has become an integral part of intruder alarms. We are pleased to be able to offer all forms of signalling available, including confirmed signalling such as Redcare GSM & Dual Com.

For temporary measures, quick-to-install wireless alarm systems are ideal, and less destructive than a permanent, hard-wired system, and also offer superior versatility as radio-linked sensors are free to be moved between different locations at your discretion.

You don’t even require power or a phone line.

The detection devices are in constant communication with the base station, and if any problem arises, the system warning lights will trigger a fault and generate an alert. Because your security requirements change as site works progress, a temporary wireless alarm system can be expanded or downsized, without incurring additional callout charges.

With minimal instruction, sensors can be moved from one location to another, depending on your needs or fixed by us to a less temporary position. The Protector Group carry out regular preventative maintenance visits to the system to ensure that it is still operating correctly and still meets the requirements of the end user.

We don’t just set you up, we keep you set up.

Temporary Turnstiles

Access egress, we provide the ins and outs of your business. We can supply full and half-height, internal and external temporary turnstiles which can come as stand-alone features or in a unit, and can be accessed via a fob, card, biometric reader or optical recognition.

Ideal for external locations – such as construction sites – where protection of property is paramount but cost also a factor, our full-height temporary turnstiles offer the ultimate in security and foot-flow control through an entrance/exit point.

Compact and robust, they are reliable and offer value for money, making them the ideal choice for providing effective control in areas where security is desirable but where cost had previously been prohibitive. They will, we believe, pay for themselves and assist with Health and Safety control problems.

Furthermore, our intuitive and easy to administer PC-based access control system offers the benefit of additional security without requiring time-consuming administration.

Click here to download our temporary site security PDF.

The Protector Group Turnstile & Gate services;

The Protector Group’s team of experienced install engineers can provide turnstiles and gates for site access egress covering a sale and or short/long-term hire. Intelligent control applications extend too; biometrics-eye scan-hand and code-code only-card or fob. The data capture at the point of site entry can be securely stored off site, enabling the client to read and decipher, tailoring to their reporting needs.

The Protector Group Cabins;

The Protector Group’s team of experienced install engineers can provide a full spectrum of cabins for sale or short/long term hire. Accommodating Security Officers/Gatemen our range covers a single person 360 vision kiosk up to a full office layout including induction rooms.

The Protector Group Road crossings and barriers;

The Protector Group’s team of experienced install engineers can provide many different types of barriers to accommodate your budget needs. Starting with low cost manually operated unit for a basic access to site to a fully intergraded off-site monitored and operated access barrier or gate with added ANPR cameras fitted, capturing all authorised and un-authorised activity.


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