• Trained and screened cleaning operatives dedicated to each assignment.
  • 24 hour lone worker contract management and control room.
  • Office Cleaning
  • Factory and Manufacturing Premises
  • Reception Areas
  • Deep Cleaning of all Areas
  • Emergency Remedial Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

With The Protector MultiClean you can be assured that Cleaning Operatives are fully fidelity screened to beyond BS7858 standard and are well managed and fully trained (using British Institute of Cleaning Sciences (BICS) specifications).  You can also be assured that with the provision of a bespoke work specification tailored to your premises and company needs, they are fully aware of your requirements.


Deep Cleaning and Additional Requirements

We all know that some areas need special attention every now and then.  Greater footfall or a high use area like a kitchen, showers or locker rooms sometimes need that little bit extra.  We can provide an additional service either as a one off occurrence or at regular intervals to deep clean these more difficult areas.  We even cater for more specific specialist requirements such as filter cleaning or oven degreasing, window cleaning, gritting, grass cutting and horticultural services.

Should you at any point require additional cleaning; either pre-planned or urgently, we can arrange this for you.

We always ensure that our customer receives a quotation before we begin and that the work is completed in the required time.  We would be happy to quote for these elements either alongside your initial quote or on an “as and when” basis.

Factories and Manufacturing Plants

Our services cover a wide range of cleaning needs ranging from factory floor cleaning, toilet and shower blocks to canteen, laboratory and surgical areas. Our references demonstrate that we provide excellent service to all types of customers.


Many customers want a discrete, out of hour’s service provision from their cleaning operatives so that normal business is not disrupted by this essential service.  Your employees spend a large proportion of their time at work and so the cleaning provision is a vital element of maintaining a happy and healthy workforce.  Not only that, customers and visitors will form a first impression based on the office environment and it is therefore crucial that the cleaning service is of a high standard.

Combination Requirements

Many of our customers have premises that are a combination of different areas; factory or shop floors, offices, canteen areas; meeting rooms with a huge range of cleaning needs.  Our detailed work specification exceed work specifications supplied by many other cleaning companies meaning our customer requirements are met consistently and fully.  Our work specifications provide clear and easy to follow instructions and are used alongside our rigorous training schedule and management support. Our working partnership with our customers and our unique Contract Management Concept guarantees that we provide what we promise.

Our Cleaning Operatives are often key holders who access their business premises are trustworthy, have at least a five year fully checked work history, references to BS7858 screening standards and proven to be free from criminal convictions.

Finally, a service we are proud to offer and which sets us apart from other cleaning companies is our Open Book Policy.  This no obligation quotation sets out in detail every cost to your company, meaning no hidden charges.  You know what you get and what you are paying for.  From this you can find out exactly how much our service to you will cost in 12 equal monthly payments.  You will never pay any more unless you ask for additional services.


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