BS 5979 Cat 2 Monitoring Station

BS 5979 Cat 2 Monitoring Station

The Protector Group head office incorporates a BS5979 Category 2 remote monitoring station, command & control center. 5979 British Standard is a pre-requisite for most insurers and essential to achieving guaranteed priority police response for monitored systems. Included in the requirements for achieving this standard is an air-lock verified entry system, contingency communication paths, independent air supply and independent power supplies – meaning that the 24/7 operational hub for our business will continue to operate in all eventualities even through local air contamination, communication failure or power outage.

While many electronic security systems providers fail to meet the monitoring certifications by using simple and unreliable technology to monitor their electronic systems, others may outsource the requirement to third-party providers. The Protector Group recognise that the remote monitoring of electronic systems, the command and the control of 24/7 operations is the most vulnerable element for the provision of a robust security service and the point at which the security solution is most likely to ‘fall-down’.

The Protector Group is therefore pleased to be able to offer this service element in-house. Having our own 5979:2010 Category 2 monitoring station means that in the event of your location being compromised our own control room operatives, with a thorough understanding of our equipment design procedures, our operating processes and ultimately of your site too – via shared internal knowledge, are fully prepared to react appropriately.

The subsequent escalation process can include challenging the intrusion in real time with live audio announcements, dispatching one of our SIA ACS mobile response services or calling the emergency services for a priority police response.



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